Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Superior Pain & Spine MD a concierge practice?

As a concierge practice we are highly focused on the patient experience which includes shorter wait times, high-quality healthcare, and a better patient-provider relationship. Unlike some concierge practices we do not charge a monthly fee rather patients pay based on procedure fees. 

Do you accept private insurance?

Superior Pain & Spine MD does not accept private insurance; however, many of our procedures are covered by private insurance. We encourage our patients to contact their insurance providers to determine eligibility and click here for a guide to submitting your insurance claim. 

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

Dr. Willits has chosen to opt out of these programs in order to provide more patient centered care. He is committed to the patient/physician relationship which is difficult to maintain under these programs.

What are my options for payment?

We accept credit/debit card payments online and if you need healthcare financing we do participate in CareCredit. 

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes. Dr. Willits served in the US Navy and is proud to offer our active and retired military personnel a 20% discount. 

Do you treat personal injury patients?

Yes. Dr. Willits has extensive experience treating personal injury patients and will work with your legal team to provide the necessary documentation for your case.

What is the typical recovery time after an injection procedure?

Injections: Two to three days  of mild soreness
Stem Cells/PRP: One to two weeks of mild soreness
Radiofrequency Ablation: Return to work after one to three days
Cornerloc: Walk immediately after the procedure, drive after two weeks , no lifting for six weeks and no sports for four to six months
Vertiflex: Four to six weeks


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