CornerLoc™ is a minimally invasive procedure to treat SI joint pain. This  posterior approach is done via two small incisions in the lower back, which is the shortest and safest route to the SI joint. Most patients can walk immediately after surgery and return to sports within three to four months. 


Vertiflex is a revolutionizing the treatment of lumbar stenosis. It provides patients with a minimally invasive approach that puts their comfort and safety first, offering the only treatment on the continuum of care between conservative care and surgery. Patients can return to all regular activities in four to six weeks.


Joimax is a state-of-the-art treatment options for a broad range of indications such as chronic back pain, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and nerve pain. All of the minimally invasive procedures are performed using HD-endoscopes which allows  direct visualization of the nerve roots. Patients typically return to all activities in six weeks.

Spinal Injections:

Multiple types of spinal injections are used to diagnose and treat spinal conditions that cause pain. These include standard epidural injections, facet injections, and SI joint injections. Patients experience relief within two to three days and can return to all activities the day after the procedure. 

PRP and Stem Cell:

PRP injections uses the patient’s own blood to separate platelets in a centrifuge. Stem cells are utilized with platelets to heal an osteoarthritic joint, for example, to regrow cartilage. Remarkable results have come from PRP injections as well as stem cell therapy.  Patients typically experience relief in four to six months and can immediately return to all activities.

Radio Frequency Ablation:

A radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that destroys the nerve fibers carrying pain signals to the brain. It can provide lasting relief for people with chronic pain, especially in the lower back, neck and arthritic joints. Patients typically experience pain relief within two to three weeks and can return to regular activities immediately. 

Relievant Procedure

Relievant developed the Intracept Procedure — a minimally invasive procedure that targets the basivertebral nerve for the relief of chronic vertebrogenic low back pain.* Intracept is supported with Level I clinical evidence and is commercially available in the United States.

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